Can I Compost Leylandii Branches and Clipping?

Sunday, 26 October 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

Can you compost Leylandii branches and hedge clippings - Yes.

Leylandii (conifers and pines) have been composted in the  HOTBIN with no problem and the compost has been used successfully.
We were quite surprised to learn some experienced composters advise not to add Leyandii cuttings as they are apparently "too acidic". Composting bacteria can remain active in all but the most acidic conditions. If the compost gets too acidic it will return to neutral Ph as it aerates.
All conifers are tough. Take care to ensure they are well shredded (small bits) and only add in small amounts each week (about a bucket full each go).
Often the biggest challenge with Leylandii (even those hedges with frequent cuts) is wheel barrows of waste. A large cutback results in many branches that are really too big to even shred. If you really do have mountains it is debatable if it is worth adding it all into the HOTBIN.

You could create a static pile and leave for a couple of years or take a trip in car to council green waste collection.