Composting Customer Survey Results

Monday, 14 January 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

2012 HOTBIN composting survey in summary

We ask all our customers for their feedback after 3 months. Below is a summary of the ongoing feedback.


80 % of users reported a significant positive change (increase) in waste diversion and a decrease in black bin waste .

(Noting that all ‘black’ bins destined for landfill are not ‘black’ in some council areas).

WRAP and local authorities have done much to support home composting. But, kerbside collection with Anaerobic Digestion (AD) is now heading to too many areas.

We are proving that food waste can be home composted with the right kit. We appreciate not everyone is going to home compost food waste , but if a million do (which is entirely feasible as we know there are approximately 5m home composters in the UK), then we can divert maybe 250,000 million tonnes from landfill and save the need to build about 10 central AD sites. So tell your friends and your council recycling officer the HOTBIN works !

82% of you would recommend the HOTBIN. The 18% who said that they would be unlikely to recommend the HOTBIN can be closely tied to those who have not yet achieved hot composting. We have been working with this group to kick start them into action.
92% of you are satisfied or very satisfied with the overall performance of the HOTBIN. Many of the 8% dissatisfied are the same users who have struggled to get the HOTBIN hot. We have learnt a lot about different users and what they do and do not do. Our revised user guide and check list has worked well and most people are on track to hot compost.
Our support materials achieved the following positive ratings; user manual 97%, website 99%, telephone support 97%. The statistics on telephone support affirm our commitment to getting problems resolved asap. We are determined that everyone gets HOTBIN composting swiftly and easily.
60% are hot composting, 23% warm, 17% are still in what we would class as cold composting as they have not reached the hot composting zone of between 40-60°c. We’d like everyone hot composting. Please ask for help. We have checklists, a blog and even a remote ‘photographic surgery’. We have an enviable 99% success rate of fixing.
60% are finding it OK to keep hot, 40% harder than expected.  

It is always easier in Spring and Summer with much more garden waste and grass cutting available to users to accelerate the temperature. The main issue is ‘Food waste that is ‘too wet’.

Please see our detailed FAQ on how to use shredded office paper and corrugated cardboard along with bulking agent to solve this.

What features are important in a compost bin to you?

Most important features

1. Quality of compost
2. Able to handle kitchen, garden waste & grass
3. Getting compost out of a bin

ALL waste – 90% of you are happy that your HOTBIN’s ability to compost garden/kitchen and grass waste. We are building the base of those willing and confident to compost leftover cooked waste and items like meat and fish.


Getting compost out – 82% had said it is easy enough to take compost out of the HOTBIN. Please do take a look at the video on how to do it via Facebook or YouTube if you are un certain. We appreciate there are some niggles about the compost above the door collapsing occasionally.

Getting top quality compost – 82% are happy with the quality of their compost. We have a detailed post ‘looks can be deceptive’, and we recommend all users read this as our R&D efforts are showing what you are looking for and what you actually need might not always be the same.

The Humorus

Panic attacks about the temperature

We know it’s our fault for supplying a dual Fahrenheit / Celsius reading on the thermometers... but it makes us smile when we get an email saying the compost is running at 100°c and worried it will explode or start a fire.

Who’s our oldest composter?

We don’t really know and we won’t ask – but we do we have two ladies both in their 80s actively using the HOTBIN – go girls!

Who’s out youngest composter?

We have no idea... but a number of you indicated your youngsters are really enjoying getting involved, measuring temperatures, feeling the heat coming out of the valve and generally having fun HOTBIN composting.


‘ My HOTBIN is a talking point at dinner parties as composting is now much more interesting.’

‘My HOTBIN takes the grubbiness out of the composting process’

‘My HOTBIN has made me more conscious about our waste and recycling’

‘MY HOTBIN converts waste into good stuff for the garden’

‘MY HOTBIN produces something for nothing to put back on my garden’

‘MY HOTBIN is stylish and I’m a composting geek’

‘MY HOTBIN does the job brilliantly and is a Joy to use’

‘MY HOTBIN is kept right by the kitchen and I can add weeds and cooked food waste’

‘MY HOTBIN is convenient, not smelly and quick’

‘MY HOTBIN looks neat and tidy on the patio’

‘MY HOTBIN makes something useful for the garden that I would normally send to landfill’

‘MY HOTBIN provides an easy method of composting garden and food waste’

‘MY HOTBIN takes the hassle out of composting’

‘MY HOTBIN is discreet and fits nicely into a space not far from the Kitchen’

‘MY HOTBIN is hot throughout the winter’

'My HOTBIN does the job brilliantly and is a joy to use.'

'My HOTBIN just works and works well'

'My HOTBINis checked every day and it gives me great satisfaction.'

‘MY HOTBIN is fun’

‘MY HOTBIN fits both kids in if they are naughty!’