Can I compost bokash residue?

Monday, 12 November 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting
Bokashi - is an anaerobic food digestion process. It has become synonymous with a specific type of kitchen bucket and a bacterial culture added to start the digestion known as Bokahsi bran. (You buy the brand and add it weekly to the food waste). As this an anaerobic process you create methane, water (as a leachate) and a small amount of solid residue (sludge).

Can I add Bokashi residue (sludge) to into the HOTBIN?

No- the bran will continue to swell inside the HOTBIN and could restrict aeration.


If you have a HOTBIN you do not need to carry on with your Bokashi bin. Save your money and buy no more bran. Your HOTBIN takes all food waste and you will end up with great compost rather than leachate.