Can I Compost Cat Litter?

Friday, 4 April 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

Can I add cat litter (white granules) to my HOTBIN? 

Yes and no!

The white crystalline cat litter is zeolite (or one of its related clay minerals). It is an inorganic chemical, so by definition it will not compost or breakdown the the HOTBIN. The pelleted paper and wood based cat litter can be composted - if unsure what you are buying the labels will normally have the information on.

The white zeolite type cat litter will have urine and potentially some poo on. These items will compost down, leaving the white granules in your final compost.

Composting Cat Litter in the HOTBIN

Are these white granules any good for your soil/garden?

Zeolite has much the same properties as perlite and vermiculite used by gardeners to prevent plant pots drying out – ie, it holds water and urine. Urine is an excellent source of garden nitrogen - urea is the world’s largest man-made fertiliser! Bacteria will decompose the urea in urine - it will eventually return into the soil as plant available nitrogen. Small amounts of zeolite will not harm your heap (or garden), however large quantities will clog the flow of air.