Can I Locate the HOTBIN in a Greenhouse?

12 April 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

Can I use the HOTBIN in a greenhouse?

The quick answer is Yes - we have a number of users with the HOTBIN located in their greenhouse to recover the heat. Composting releases water, carbon dioxide and heat. The HOTBIN expels warm carbon dioxide and water vapour (steam) via the valve. Your greenhouse plants will use the carbon dioxide and the water vapour (which will reduce watering).

Can I use it to heat the greenhouse?

The HOTBIN will provide a small amount of heat to the greenhouse. How much heat depends on how much waste you are adding each week. Assuming the minimum fill rate of about 5Kgs per week, this equates to roughly 30W (watts, joules/second) of 'heat/energy. It is like warming the greenhouse using the heat from a 30W light bulb - it is probably just enough to keep the frost off - but will not 'heat' the greenhouse to stay warm!

Please do not attempt to move the HOTBIN into a greenhouse when full - it can be very heavy and may result in injury.