Add cardboard and paper to wet waste

18 February 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

Corrugated cardboard (and or shredded office paper) is added to the hot composting to help balance water and create heat. It is 'easy to digest' cellulose (ie bacteria food, energy) and also very dry (very little water - less than 5% moisture). The corrugations hold air, and pieces do not to form impervious gas layers. It is readily consumed at 60°C within days and is a great balance to food waste that is often 'too wet. Please do not be tempted to pre-soak cardboard before adding into the HOTBIN.

Food, plant and animal waste has a calorific (energy) value. When bacteria consume waste, a proportion of this energy is lost as heat. In the HOTBIN, this heat is harnessed to remove water. If there is too much water and not enough energy; the heap becomes water logged. The ration of 1 part dry bulking agent to 10 parts food factors in energy and water.