How do I control the aeration in the HOTBIN

6 January 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

Can I increase or decrease aeration levels in the HOTBIN?

The positioning of the air valve controls aeration in the HOTBIN.

If the internal HOTBIN temperature is below 40°c - close the valve by pushing down on the half closest the close arrow until it is only open 2mm. (Note the valve should not completely close, ie lay flat . Never force it fully closed - the HOTBIN will not work).

If the internal HOTBIN temperature is above 70°c - open the valve by pushing down on the half closest the open arrow. (It will normally only take a couple of hours to cool back below 60°c).

Always close the valve  when starting a new bin and periodically check the air inlet is not blocked by soil, snow, containers, etc. Take care if there are severe snow storms. The hot gases leaving the bin will melt light snow, but in deep snow (>10 cms) the valve can become covered; ice can form and block the the airflow. Brush of snow, if ice forms melt it using hot water.