Checking the HOTBIN valve settings

5 October 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

How should I set the HOTBIN valve?

It is easy to miss checking the valve setting when you first set up your HOTBIN. The images below indicate how far the valve should be open and why/

If you are experiencing temperature problems with your HOTBIN the first thing you should do is check the valve setting.

Top Tip: Remember to check you are reading the centigrade (°c) scale not the fahrenheit (°f) scale on the thermometer.

Closed Optimum Position - Open 2mm Fully Open
Valve Open
Before HOTBIN leaves the factory, the aeration valve is closed (flat. This is to prevent damage / loss in transit.

Ensure valve is moved to the correct position as the HOTBIN will not function with the valve closed as air cannot flow through the bin.

Always set the valve to the optimum position - open approximately 2mm.

The valve should be left in this position.

Opening the valve will cause the pressure to drop and the HOTBIN will cool rapidly.

The temperature will not stay above 30°c when the valve is open.