Choose the right compost bin for you

4 February 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

In our article/blog 'How To Choose A Compost Bin' we outlined the 7 steps to identify your composting goals and the features you need in a compost bin to meet these goals.

In this article/blog, we provide:

  • A list of compost bin features and rate their importance based on user feedback
  • Help you choose the right compost bin, the HOTBIN team have then ranked some commercially available compost bins to give you and overall 'price/performance' ratio and league table.

The table is provided as a tool to help potential customers choose a domestic home composting bin or system.

Please note: all views, opinions and ratings in this sheet are the personal one's of the HOTBIN's inventor (T Callaghan). Without limitation, no liability is accepted for the use, accuracy or reliance on the data contained in the spreadsheet. Trademarks are acknowledged.

Download the Compost Bin Performance Matrix excel spreadsheet used to create the images to anyone who wishes to enter their own scores and ratings. e-mail requesting Excel comparison sheet.

We have noted before that you can compost for nothing (£0 pounds) by just piling stuff up in an open heap. To spend the money you have to generate 'value' and you do this by checking the compost bin features deliver against your composting goals at a price you can afford. We hope the above tips combined with the tools in the links will help you create 'value' and help you decide which compost is right for you.

In my opinion, as soon as you set an objective like ‘compost all food waste with low odour and no rats or flies’ or ‘compost using an easy recipe’; ‘compost fast’; ‘compost year round’ then specialist compost bins that offer great performance at an affordable price are very worthwhile and justify the cost.


Please rate the importance of these composting features to you
(non essential)
2 3 4 5
No rats/vermin         x 4.83
Ability to compost garden waste         x 4.67
Bin works all year round         x 4.50
No flies         x 4.33
Ability to compost kitchen peelings         x 4.33
Kills weed seeds and pathogens         x 4.17
Easy to remove compost from bin         x 4.17
Results in high quality compost         x 4.17
Ability to compost grass cuttings         x 4.00
Makes compost in less than 3 months         x 3.83
Low odour     x     3.50
Little mixing needed     x     3.33
Ability to compost cooked food waste         x (for some)  
No 'turning' of heap     x     3.17