Turkey and Trimmings - Composting at Christmas

12 December 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

12 Days of HOTBIN Composting

Day 10 of HOTBIN Composting ChristmasHow can we eat so much food at Christmas and yet waste so much at the same time?

Christmas for many is a period of indulgence where numerous television adverts make us all salivate at the sight of every Christmas nibble and our subconscious makes us think we need every single one available on Christmas day.

This pattern is repeated in households across the UK and every year Britons throw away waste equivalent of 2 million turkeys, 5 million Christmas puddings and a massive 74 million mince pies.

Whilst it’s important to try and reduce food waste during the festive period, if you do however end up with leftovers this year then HOTBIN would like a Christmas feast too!

HOTBIN Christmas Menu


Vegetable Peelings (including Brussel Sprouts!)

These are easy to digest waste for the HOTBIN, when chopped to delicious tender bite-size pieces they will break down and decay quicker. As an example any stones from over ripened or leftover avocados will take a long time to break down so we recommend breaking them up too (with care).

Composting Christmas Dinner and Sprouts


Turkey, Roast Potatoes, Cooked Vegetables, Stuffing and Pigs in Blankets

Where leftovers for Boxing day are not an option, delicious leftover turkey and all the trimmings can be added to the HOTBIN. HOTBIN loves all cooked food waste so be sure to pre-heat your HOTBIN to hot composting temperatures of 40-60oC before adding. Even bones/carcasses can go in if carefully broken up!

Remember cooked food waste is very wet, so it should be served and mixed thoroughly with a liberal seasoning of shredded paper (2-3 handfuls per 5 litre food waste caddy) and don't forget bulking agent.

Cranberry Sauce, Bread Sauce and Gravy

Add to the HOTBIN as plate scrapings. Large quantities are not recommended as this will make the HOTBIN too wet and remember to add shredded paper.


Cheese Board

Hard cheeses can be composted and are best cut into small cubes, similar to those you might put on a cocktail stick with some pineapple! Soft cheese cannot be composted due to a very high liquid content.

Christmas Pudding

If you’ve found all the coins in your pudding and have leftovers (very rare), these can be added to the HOTBIN too.


Hot and Cold Beverages

DO NOT add liquids to the HOTBIN as this will result in a soggy bin. We recommend giving your tea bags a good squeeze and coffee grinds a good press before adding them into your HOTBIN too.



Understanding "Wet Waste".

Bulking agent and shredded paper need to be added to the HOTBIN with all food waste, helping to aerate and absorb the extra moisture from the waste.