Does the HOTBIN Need to be Situated in Direct Sunlight

29 March 2018  |  HOTBIN Composting

Does the HOTBIN Need to Placed in the Sun?

NO. The HOTBIN will operate in sun or shade and unlike many other composting bins the external temperature will have little to no effect on the internal temperature of the unit.

Locating the HOTBIN

The internal temperature reached by the HOTBIN is dependent upon the type, frequency and quantity of waste added. During the spring and summer months, the balance and variety of waste types being added to your HOTBIN may differ quite significantly to that which are added during autumn and winter. This contrast in the types and quantity of waste added on each occasion will influence the rate at which the hot composting bacteria digest the waste and release heat into the unit as a by-product of the decomposition process. 

What About Really Cold Countries?

From our own experience and that of our customers in countries such as the Falkland Islands, Norway, Sweden and Finland, extremely cold external temperatures do not prevent hot composting temperatures of between 40-60°c from being achieved and sustained because of the highly insulating nature of the HOTBINs’ material.

Locating the HOTBIN

The HOTBIN can be happily situated anywhere as long as it’s a flat surface including a patio, decking, slab, grass or gravel. Just bear in mind that HOTBIN will produce a small amount of leachate (brown liquid) and although this should be no more than an espresso cupful a week, the surface on which its placed may need a rinse from time to time.

Due to the bio-filter in the lid which controls odours, the unit could also be sited near to the back door for convenience when adding waste - offering the added benefit of reducing the attraction of rodents by placing it in a busy area.

Finally, if you wish to do so the HOTBIN can be placed in a greenhouse. The higher hot composting temperatures produced by the HOTBIN will produce just enough heat to keep the frost off.