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HOTBIN User Guide

HOTBIN and HOTBIN Mini User Guide
Download Size 0.49MB PDF

This guide is a must read before you start your start HOT composting. While composting with the HOTBIN is very straight forward there are a few key principles that you should be familiar with before you start.

HOTBIN Mega User Guide

HOTBIN Mega 450/700 Assembly/User Guide
Download Size 2.2MB PDF

How to assemble and set up the HOTBIN Mega.

HOTBIN Mega Expansion Kit Guide

HOTBIN Mega Expansion Kit Assembly
Download Size 1.38MB PDF

How to install the HOTBIN Mega expansion kit.

HOTBIN Quick Start Guide

HOTBIN Quick Start Guide
Download Size 0.8MB PDF

An easy step by step guide to help get you HOT composting in no time at all.

Composting Checklist

How to get the HOTBIN HOT - Checklist
Download Size 0.2MB PDF

This document outlines how you can achieve optimum performance of the HOTBIN.

How HOTBIN works

How the HOTBIN works
Download Size 0.13MB PDF

Learn about the inner workings of HOT composting and why it's so much quicker.

Compostable waste table

Waste Table
Download Size 0.8MB PDF

Find out what the HOTBIN loves to eat, what can be digested quickly and what takes time.

Looking after your HOTBN

Looking after your HOTBIN
Download Size 1.0MB PDF

While HOTBIN is very easy to use it still requires your active participation, this is what you will need to do...

Composting Health and Safety

HOTBIN Health and Safety
Download Size 2.5MB PDF

Nothing too scary here, just the basics of composting hygiene (washing hands & gloves etc).

Whats, what on the HOTBIN

Learn your way around the HOTBIN
Download Size 0.12MB PDF

Find out what's what from thermometers to mesh plates.

Kick Start Bottle Instructions

Kick Start Bottle Instructions
Download Size 31KB PDF

Guidelines on how and when to use the kick start bottle.

170 Things to Compost

170 Things to Compost in Your HOTBIN
Download Size 520KB PDF

Any item that was a plant or animal will compost. How easy and practical each item is to compost depends on many factors.

Using and Installing the HOTBIN CAM Straps

Attaching the CAM Straps
Download Size 240KB PDF

Quick guide showing how to use the CAM straps and situate them successfully around the HOTBIN.