Getting Started with HOTBIN

6 November 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

Bacteria is essential to the composting process however is old compost good to add in the HOTBIN or should it be avoided?

8 May 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

Whatever sized container you are using to collect your waste, here is an easy wasy to understand the ratios and required measurements of bulking agent and shredded paper to add in addition your waste.

14 April 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

Compost various weeds from dandelions and buttercups to horsetail and ground elder in the HOTBIN. Just make sure you are hot composting first to ensure the weed seeds are killed off.

9 April 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

Are you off on your holidays and worried what state you will find your HOTBIN in on your return? Worry no more as we tell you how to manage your bin before and after your holiday.

10 March 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

What waste are you composting? Some waste types breakdown faster than others and produce heat at different speeds.

5 February 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

Stop the HOTBIN getting too wet by controlling the moisture levels in the bin from wet waste thats been added. Use shredded paper- recycle more paper in your home - discover what types you can use.

7 August 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

We recommend using composted wood chip as your bulking agent. It is important that any wood chip you do use, does not have a high moisture content.

7 August 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

In the HOTBIN we seek to compost all food wastes - this if often very soft/wet - so it is essential to add bulking agent.

16 July 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

Guide to chopping and shredding waste before adding to your HOTBIN

16 April 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

Just ordered a HOTBIN or giving it some serious thought? If yes that this is a must read to get you and you Hot Composting off to a great start.

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