Price Freeze on HOTBIN Composter

Tuesday, 9 January 2018  |  HOTBIN Composting

HOTBIN Composting Price Freeze

HOTBIN Price Freeze 2018

HOTBIN Composting has always strived to offer a high level of quality, service and after-sales support to our customers whilst maintaining price stability. Unfortunately however a number of cost increases outside of our control including energy, freight and raw material costs have led the current RRP of £185 to become financially unviable.

Despite our best efforts we are no longer able to continue absorbing these rising costs, therefore as of 1st February 2018 the price of a HOTBIN will rise to £195 (including UK Mainland delivery).

With that in mind we have decided to run a price freeze promotion until midnight on the 31st January to give customers a chance to buy a HOTBIN at the current lower price.

We appreciate that this increase will not be welcome but hope you will understand and continue to support HOTBIN composting as a UK manufacturer.