HOTBIN Rises and Fall Temperature Cycle

12 April 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

The HOTBIN temperature moves up and down as waste is added and consumed by bacteria.

The chart below illustrates real data taken from the HOTBIN HQ test unit.

Changing HOTBIN temperatures by layer

We have a customer called James who is a bit of a whiz with wireless communications. He has set up his own remote temperature monitoring for the HOTBIN.  The whole world can now watch his HOTBIN temperature 24X7 real time via the internet. We have posted a sample chart below - you can go to to view the live feed.

Internal temperature change graph

Hot Composting Temperature Graph

This is a great resource for new customers who want to know it what is possible via real customers.

You can spot the temperature drop when he opens the lid, the reheating of the new waste, then the slow fall back as the waste is consumed. James manages to keep his HOTBIN in the 40-60 zone most of the time but he feeds it regularly (can you can work out how often and what days!). Not everyone is going to achieve this and we will be looking at those who achieve 30-40C in another post at the 30-40C users in a later post.