HOTBIN Wins Gold in Great British Growing Awards 2018

5 April 2018  |  HOTBIN Composting
HOTBIN Wins Gold for Best Compost Making Product

HOTBIN Composting Wins Gold in the Great British Growing Awards

HOTBIN Composting wins Gold in the 2018 Great British Growing Awards in the category of “Best Compost Making Product”, defeating competition from other composting bins and accelerator products within the category.

Independently nominated by passionate gardeners across the UK, HOTBIN secured first place in the awards after thousands voted for their industry favourites.

Now in its fourth year, the Great British Growing Awards founded by leading horticultural magazine Grow Your Own recognises the very best products, brands, events and writers within the gardening industry. As previous winners of two Bronze awards, this latest win firmly cements the HOTBINs’ popularity amongst UK gardeners.

Thanks For Voting!

We’re thrilled to have won Gold in the Great British Growing Awards and would like to thank everyone who voted for HOTBIN Composting.