How Do I Make a Bulking Agent?

21 June 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

Here are four options for obtaining compost bulking agent (ie composted wood chip)

Bulking Agent
  • Make your own by cutting up twiggy plant material or using your own 'shredder/chipper'
  • Purchase from the HOTBIN shop
  • Purchase from local garden centre or farm store (normally 75 litre bags)
  • Check your local council, many shred trees and leave them piled locally

Make your own by putting your prunings and branches through a garden shredder/chipper. (Tip: share shredders with your neighbours, they only get used a couple of days a year)

Aim for something as follows:

Homemade Bulking Agent

You can learn more about bulking agents by following this link: More about compost bulking agents.