How Fast Will Waste Breakdown?

10 March 2015  |  HOTBIN Composting

Waste Digestibility Table

Consider the types of waste you add to the HOTBIN. Some types will compost down faster than others and consequently produce heat at different rates. When starting your HOTBIN it is advised to add lots of easy to digest waste.

What waste are you adding to your HOTBIN?

speed of waste digestion by bacteria
Easy     Medium Hard
chicken pellets straw/hay shells (fish and eggs)
blood and bone meal manures cereal packets and card
nettles and comfrey tea bags twigs and branches
vegetables and peelings compostable bags coffee grounds
fruit and peelings Items That Require Shredding Items That Require Shredding
grass clippings* printed & office paper leaves
  glossy magazines newspaper

corrugated cardboard

ONLY Add The Following When HOT Composting (40-60°c)
cooked food waste diseased plant material pet bedding & waste
meat & fish (inc skins) used cat litter bones
(inc pet food)
some require 60°c
pasta & rice    
mouldy bread & cakes    


Chop waste to less than 4cm and shred waste where necessary.
Doing this increases surface area accessible by bacteria and speeds up waste breakdown.