Is my HOTBIN aeration mesh blocked?

Wednesday, 3 October 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

Mesh PlateIt is very rare for the mesh aeration plate to become fully blocked. It is more common to see the bottom part of the mesh ‘gunk’ up as the liquid fertiliser (leachate) drains out. If the top section is visible, then there is no need to worry, the air will flow through. Normally there is about 5mm of wetness at the very bottom and about 15mm of dry mesh above - creating a clear water line. The air flows in above the water line.

For the plate to become blocked, it would require a huge amount of silt to build up in the reservoir behind the mesh plate. The design of the base reservoir and mesh plate means any small pieces of slit sink to the bottom and water flows out the mesh plate above the this.  If you find the plate is fully gunked up and the water line very close to the top (20-25mm), then dab the plate with a cloth/sponge loaded with neat bleach. This will kill the bio film (removing the gunk) and the water will flow out.

If the mesh plate is constantly fully blocked, please check your HOTBIN is level. When tipped forward, the water and silt will collect behind the grill not in the reservoir as required.

Do not worry if the mesh plate looks rusty – it is a galvanised mesh. It often looks a rusty colour as the brown leachate dries on the mesh. If in doubt – clean with bleach as above.