Is it worth composting at home?

10 January 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

The definitive answer is Yes, it is definitely worth composting at home.

Many councils charge for green garden waste collection (e.g. £20-30 per year) and these charges are likely to increase. Many green bins are collected near empty (wasting time and fuel).

If you are a keen gardener, more than likely you will buy fertiliser, peat and/or compost to maintain the quality of your garden. Why not make your own compost and fertiliser.

It takes no more effort and you could save you money. 

Some Local Authorities collect and transport food waste to either a large composting or anaerobic digestion processing plant - well done your council. To meet UK commitments on landfill diversion, we estimate 300 new reprocessing plants will be needed across the UK. Each will cost many millions to build and take many years to fully commission.

Processing at home can start immediately; it saves labour, transport costs and the need to build as many reprocessing plants. If you have very little waste (less than 2.5Kg, or a small 5 litre kitchen caddy per week), or have no garden to use compost, then using a kerbside collection makes sense.