How Can I Make More Compost?

18 April 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

First let's assume we have agreed on a single process (e.g. using the HOTBIN to hot compost at temperatures of 40-60°c - so we know we are already making compost fast and can ignore the speed at which compost is made and focus on the amount (volume, litres/Kgs) of compost produced.

If you add more waste you will get more compost - so composting all food waste might easily double your output over just composting garden waste.

The next step is more challenging.

Organic waste is mineralised to carbon dioxide and water (plus trace nutrients). Compost is merely an intermediate product on the way. You can give yourself the appearance of more compost if you use it early, and that you have made less compost if you leave it for a long time (it degrades into small fine pieces). These are just difference due to time to break down.

A tiny fraction of humic substances remain within the compost - typically around 5%. These substances can remain for a long time. Hence if you can compost in such a way you produce more humic compounds you will have better compost (and soil) and it will last longer. So your soil will build up humus over time.