More help getting HOTBIN Hot

16 May 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

If you are still struggling to get your HOTBIN to reach the desired temperature of between 40-60°C, don’t worry as we are here to help!

There are only a few things that can prevent the HOTBIN getting hot:

  • Incorrect configuration setting
  • Too little waste
  • Not enough easy to digest waste (the mix needs tweaking)
  • Restricted airflow through the waste mix
  • Faulty HOTBIN (really rare!)

Please take a look at PDF check list on the website , this should help you to quickly trace what’s preventing the HOTBIN getting hot.

Another easy way is send us 6 photos. This will help us check your HOTBIN and send you back a quick action plan.

If you would like to take up this offer, please send us the following six photos to;

  1. Top: lid/valve
  2. Front: hatch door panel/lower half of the HOTBIN
  3. Side: hatch door panel/joint with walls – left side
  4. Side: hatch door panel/joint with walls – right side
  5. Inside: top, waste inside
  6. Behind door: waste behind the door (i.e. take of hatch door panel off, then take a photo of the waste)