Can I Move My HOTBIN Around?

13 November 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

Do NOT attempt to move a fully loaded HOTBIN - Even by pushing it along the ground.

A fully loaded HOTBIN can weigh well over 100Kgs - Much more than a safe lifting limit for one person.

The HOTBIN is designed to rest in one place. The EPP is robust, but not robust enough to be dragged across rough ground with 100Kgs of weight in - the corners and base will get damaged. If you attempt to tipple the bin on edge - you risk breaking the hot weld seam around the middle.  The seal is not designed to withstand the force needed to move a loaded unit.

If you want to move - just wait until your next emptying session. Pull out the waste, then lift the empty bin - which is now easy as it only weighs  7Kg. Move to new location and remember to place of solid flat surface such as flagstone.  

Can I convert my HOTBIN into a mobile moveable unit?

Some people are thinking about moving it into the greenhouse over winter and then back out in summer. We have never tried this, but as the load is a dead weight falling to the base, there is no reason why the HOTBIN would not sit on a wheel base (dolly unit) to allow movement. You would need to take care to push from the base (below the seal joint not above.

We found these examples that might work:

    Traditional Sack Trolley (£25-80)
    Make your own buy some castors at (£5) and attach to a piece plywood