What should I do if my thermometer has steamed up?

10 April 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

Steamed Up Thermometer in your HOTBIN?

Here is a quick and simple remedy.

What to do with a steamed-up HOTBIN ThermometerTake it out of the HOTBIN and wash it under the tap to get rid of the compost. Dry with a kitchen towel, turn it upside down and place on a hot radiator for 48 hours. (If you have youngsters maybe stick a cork over the pointy end as a precaution!).

If this still does not fix the problem please contact us.

WARNING:  Under NO circumstance try and dry it out quickly using a hot air gun, hair dryer, oven etc. The unit is sealed with a glass face, the air/water will simply expand, explode and shatter the glass.

Why Do The Thermometers Get Steamed Up?

We tested a lot of thermometers, even those described as 100% waterproof and they all suffered in the 60°c hot and steamy environment of HOTBIN.  We have worked hard with our manufacturing partner to try and get all the thermometers 100% steam proof – including adding extra o-ring seal and encasing the back with glue. Unfortunately the only way to achieve 100% steam proof thermometers is to use full “industrial grade” units which cost more than the HOTBIN itself.