Should I Use a Kitchen Caddy?

2 October 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

Do I need a kitchen caddy?

Any container to collect food and kitchen waste will do but we tend to find a defined 'container' helps the whole family focus on where to put kitchen peels and plate scrapings.

Some caddy designs offer benefits like carbon filters to reduce odour, however you can reduce the smell from any container by following a few simple tips described below.

How can I stop my caddy from smelling?

Your caddy is a ‘mini’ compost heap. Eventually it will develop composting moulds (fungi) and bacteria on the walls. You will need to occasionally wash it. We have been able to dramatically reduce the amount of washing needed by doing two things:

To prevent food waste sticking to walls, line the caddy walls with kitchen towel or old sheets of A4 paper (avoid newspaper).

Put a handful of shredded paper or cardboard in the bottom of the caddy. This will absorb excess moisture. The paper falls out into the compost bin – leaving a little moisture at the bottom.

Add paper each time emptied. (This also reduces the risk of adding food waste that is ‘too wet’ .

Too much hassle and a bit fiddly?
Once you have the routine, it seems no more or less trouble than washing the messy bin several times a month!

Empty the caddy twice a week and try not to leave waste in the caddy for more than 7 days (we recommend the HOTBIN is fed 1 x caddy 2x week).

How can I stop my caddy attracting flies?

Flies are attracted to odour from decaying food – stop the odours, stop the flies.


  • As above – keep your caddy lined, clean and empty regularly
  • Buy a caddy with a lid that has a small carbon filter in the top – this will reduce the amount of odour leaving the caddy.