What Size / How Big is the HOTBIN?

3 September 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

If you are looking at buying a HOTBIN compost bin and you want to see if it will squeeze in a corner...this post is for you!

The HOTBIN compost bin is roughly the same size as a standard 240L (blue/green/black/brown) wheelie bin.

  • Outer dimensions: 550 width x 625 depth x 1145 height mm (wheelie bin size)
  • Internal base dimensions: 450 x 450 mm (unit tapers to base)

If you are measuring it to check the compost bin will fit into a gap, you need to give yourself room to lift the lid right up to a position where it will stay up whilst emptying out your caddy.

The HOTBIN Compost Bin Sits Nicely Against Other Wheelie Bins


Will the HOTBIN Sit Flush Against the Wall?

The HOTBIN will not sit flush back to the wall, due to the hinged lid. It will however sit flush against a wall on the sides of the compost bin.

If you are limited on the depth - remember that the HOTBIN needs at least 750mm depth to allow the lid to fully open.

With the lid open, the HOTBIN needs a minimum of 1600 mm height.

As pictured in one customers photo, the HOTBIN sits nicely next to other wheelie bins remaining fairly unobtrusive in the garden.