Water leaking from base

16 March 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

Hot composting and reaching 60°C in the HOTBIN is fairly easy once you get going and have got into a successful routine. One of the top reasons why people struggle to get into a successful routine is their food waste is "too wet".

"Too wet" is a compost engineering term. It is not related to visible water dripping from your food waste. It is about how much water is contained within your waste compared to how much energy (calories/heat) is available in the food to remove the water as steam.

If you have leachate leaking from the base, are getting putrid drain like odours and are struggling to get above 30°C, these are all signs your waste is "too wet". Follow the link below to learn how to correct wet waste - once you understand this part of the hot composting process, adjusting your mix becomes second nature and year round successful hot composting is easy.

Water leaking from mesh plate (air-inlet).