What are the Cam Straps for?

5 January 2012  |  HOTBIN Composting

Why do I need cam straps?

Sometimes the hatch door panel can bow out slightly from the holding position. This can happen during the early set up period when the waste is loose and exerts more pressure on the centre of the hatch panel. The pressure reduces when 'sticky' compost has formed.

When using the HOTBIN, you don’t want to lose any heat or attract any unwanted visitors. After testing the cam belts with users, the addition of these 'pull tight' cam straps proved the most popular and effective method to help pull the door tight to ensure the waste is not visible through the door.

Not all doors bow out, it can depend on the tolerance and how and with what the HOTBIN is filled with. However we do advise that both cam straps are used on the HOTBIN.

What should I do with the cam straps?

There should be two cam straps on each HOTBIN. Place them across the top and bottom of the door hatch panel to keep the door panel in tight, this will keep heat in and unwanted visitors out.

If you need any help fitting your cam straps please view this short video or visit the download section to see our PDF guide.

Cam Straps