What is Colloidal Humus?

Thursday, 18 April 2013  |  HOTBIN Composting

You might have found the term 'colloidal' humus linked to certain 'secret' compost recipes purporting to create the "world's best compost" (we like the goal, but are less keen on the approach & method!).

Humus (or more correctly the humic substances) are the small fraction of materials left at when composting is finished - it is not compost. All humic substances are colloidal - it is a physical property of the substance.

You need to take care when trying to check if you have a lot of colloidal humus. Any compost technique or method that involves adding clay soils (such as many of those mentioned above for a pre-paid fee) is highly likely to result in a compost with colloidal properties as many clays are also colloidal.

The more humic substances in your compost (in our opinion), the better quality your compost is. After all it is the humic substances that have the dramatic benefit on soil.