Where can I locate the HOTBIN?

5 February 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

On any firm level surface - in sun/shade, on soil, grass, paving or gravel.

We recommend you locate it close to the kitchen door/house so it is easy to pop out and empty your food waste in. The HOTBIN charcoal filter removes any bad odours - so it is ok by your door.

You may notice a small amount of brown liquid draining from around the air intake if the leachate reservoir overflows. This is water plus dissolved humus substances (liquid fertiliser!). It will dry as a brown stain - but it is easy to wash off using a brush and water - it is not permanent.

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Hints and Tips:

Where to locate your HOTBIN!
Locate your HOTBIN outside! If you place it in a garage or shed, you are likely to experience damp from the steam/water vapour the HOTBIN releases.

Any flat surface!
The HOTBIN can be placed on any flat surface; soil, grass, paving stones, patio or gravel – NB. The HOTBIN may produce a small amount of leachate which could produce brown marks on patios. This can be removed however, using water and a stiff brush.

HOTBIN does not need to be located in a sunny area to create the heat! If managed properly the HOTBIN will achieve temperatures of 40-60°c.

Try to find a sheltered location
Near a fence or hedge – in extreme weather this will help to increase the stability of the HOTBIN, try to ensure all walls have clearance of 15-20cm.

Filling your HOTBIN with domestic food waste?
Consider locating it close to the kitchen door for easy access – NB. The HOTBIN’s internal bio-filter should ensure that minimal odour should be released.