White Fluffy Mould in the HOTBIN

1 August 2018  |  HOTBIN Composting

Have You Noticed White Fluffy Mould in Your HOTBIN?

Microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi are part of a normal composting process and responsible for the decomposition of waste.

You may notice white fluffy mould in the HOTBIN, this is nothing to be concerned about and is actually an indicator that actinomycetes (a fungus-like bacterium) are present in your HOTBIN.

white fluffy mould in the HOTBIN

What Do Actinomycetes Bring to Composting?

Actinomycetes help digest and break down plant material, ordinarily their presence is a good indication that the tough fibrous material in the HOTBIN is being successfully decomposed and the bacterium is helping to create a well-balanced compost which is a rich, deep brown in colour and contributes towards a noticeable “earthy” odour.

The presence of actinomycetes is usually associated with the addition of grass and tougher fibrous materials in damp, warm conditions. Actinomycetes are especially effective in dealing with lignin associated with newspapers and woody materials.

What Should I Do?

Moving forward this bacterium is in no way harmful – just unsightly. We would recommend you continue to feed your HOTBIN every couple of days with fresh waste, paper and bulking agent to keep the internal temperatures high as possible and the fungal growth can be mixed in with new waste if you choose to do so.