Why is a Charcoal Filter needed?

10 October 2016  |  HOTBIN Composting

Why the Charcoal-Filter is important and reasons it shouldn't be removed

What is the Charcoal-Filter and How Does it Operate?

The charcoal-filter is located under the fixture plate in the top of the bin (please see section 1 in the instruction manual). This filter is pre-installed in the HOTBIN and neutralises the composting odours before they leave the HOTBIN whilst allowing the bin to breathe keeping it working aerobically. It is normal for the charcoal filter bag to be damp as the water vapour produced inside passes through it before exiting through the valve. This moisture however will not restrict airflow or cause a loss of internal temperature.

HOTBIN bio-filter is located under the fixture plate in the lidMy Bin is Cooling Down, Should I Remove the Charcoal-Filter?

No.  The charcoal-filter is an integral part of the way the HOTBIN operates and should not be removed unless directed to do so by the HOTBIN team.

What If I Decide to Remove the Filter Bag Anyway?

Please note that removing the filter bag voids the manufacturer’s guarantee and these are the reasons why.

  • Removal could damage the filter itself and any loss/spillage of contents inside the lid may affect the way the unit operates.
  • Removal of the filter bag that contains the charcoal particles would prevent any composting odours being trapped before leaving the unit. Odours may attract wildlife/pests to the HOTBIN and damage could follow.
  • To remove the bag would require the removal of the top panel, this could cause damage to other parts of the HOTBIN. The HOTBIN isn’t made from lot of small components; damage is likely to be caused to large parts which could be expensive to repair/replace if feasible.

Ok, So Why is My HOTBIN Not Getting Hot?

If you are struggling to reach optimum hot composting temperatures of 40-60°C it will normally be because of one of these 5 common reasons.

If you don’t believe you have an issue with any of those 5 problem areas then please get in contact and a member of the HOTBIN team will be happy to help you get back on track.