Will the HOTBIN blow over in the wind?

7 February 2014  |  HOTBIN Composting

Unless there is gale-force winds then in short, no. The HOTBIN is very lightweight, however when correctly set-up it is perfectly stable in reasonable weather.

The HOTBIN is made of tough, durable expanded polypropylene. The HOTBIN's insulation properties derive from air pockets in the material - it is approximately 96% air so very little material is needed to make it - which is good for the environment.

The HOTBIN was not designed to be left outside 'empty' in high winds. Like a lot of things it may well blow over if left outside empty. It is designed to operate and avoid tipping in the wind on the principle of 'dead weight' in the base. Once filled to 40cm, most bins will be reaching 20Kg which is stable. As compost forms and material settles, it is common for the HOTBIN to hold 50-100Kg of weight.

Note: Stability Advice

The bin is at its lightest before your composting is well under way, therefore we recommend;

  • Leave the bag of bulking agent bag (10Kg) in the HOTBIN
  • Limit the impact of winds by choosing a sheltered location
  • Ensure the lid is closed tightly
  • Pick a sheltered location

Close The Lid

Always ensure the lid is fully closed - if the lid lifts in the wind it can get 'caught' and act like a huge lever tipping the bin. The lid is designed to be convenient and we have favourable comments about one-handed operation and how easy it is to use, but a sure fire way to ensure it never lifts is to sit a brick on top - we would only recommend this is it has genuinely to be sited in an 'always windy' location.

Pick a Sheltered Location

Whether it's a HOTBIN or any other compost bin - it is less likely to blow over if sited in a sheltered spot by a fence, wall or hedge.

Whether is is an insulated bin or any other domestic compost heap, it is worth noting it will perform better in a location sheltered from the wind as wind transfers heat 30-100 times faster than still air.

What affect does a cold wind have on my compost?

Cold winds dramatically increase convectional cooling.

A heap can lose heat up to 100 times faster in a cool wind over a warm still day. All moving air will cause significant heat loss, so bins that have many 'aeration holes' by design, also have rapid heat loss.

Please Note: Extreme Forces of Nature

Bear in mind that nature unleashes awesome power in gales and hurricanes which can move houses never mind a compost bin. In the recent gales (2012) only 3% of users reported issues as a result of gale force winds - and it is worth noting all these users were setting up the HOTBIN within the first week of use.