Which? Janice Shipp Reviews HOTBIN

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Janice Shipp reviews the HOTBIN Jan/Feb 2013

When I reviewed this (Nov 12), I hadn’t been able to get the temperature up to the 60°c needed for fast composting.

Hotbin’s Tony Callaghan quickly got in touch offering to help. He sent me a box of shredded paper, chicken pellets and blood-and-bone-meal fertiliser and told me to mix these in my bin, chopping up some of the larger pieces of waste.

I popped in the ‘hot water bottle’ provided with the bin to get things moving in the cold.

Three days later, as promised, the gauge read 60°c. It stayed hot too, and within a few more days the waste was visibly starting to break down.

It takes some getting used to, but with the promise of getting compost quicker, I will certainly continue to use it.

Which? Magazine Hotbin Review by Janice Shipp