Replacement Cam Straps (pair)

Replacement Cam Straps (pair)
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Our Price:  £8.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

Every HOTBIN is dispatched with a pair of cam straps included as part of the accessories pack. These straps are designed to be fastened around the top and bottom of the HOTBIN hatch to keep it in situ as the weight of material inside the unit increases. The straps help to maintain an airtight seal, keeping bacterially generated heat in the unit and unwanted visitors out.

Made from polyester, the cam straps are 2.5 meters long with a metal fastening buckle at one end.

The straps come with a year manufacturing guarantee and are UV treated to increase their longevity.

Please note that the colour of the Cam Straps may vary.

This item is sold as a pair.

Don’t bin it, HOTBIN IT!

HOTBIN composting makes sustainable living that little bit easier, it’s rapid, hassle-free, helps reduce waste and promotes a healthier, greener planet!


  • Waste takes a long time to break down, often a year or more.
  • Unable to successfully compost, weeds/seeds or any cooked food scraps
  • Wondering, I want to compost, but it’s too complex and labour intensive
  • Concerns over pests and vermin due to open nature of cold heaps
  • Compostable waste ends up going to landfill or incineration 


  • HOTBIN works all year round and at 40-60°C waste breaks down rapidly, typically in 90 days
  • You can compost more, including weeds, cooked food leftovers and even small bones
  • Easy entry to home composting, no heavy turning or tumbling required and it's peat free.
  • Due to HOTBIN's sealed design and odour filter  pests/vermin are minimised. 
  • Most, if not all organic household is diverted away from landfill


HotBin Composting

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