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HOT Compost BIN

HOTBIN is an innovative hot compost bin that super heats your food and garden waste to 60°c. Get rich mature compost in just 90 days, 32 times faster than a cold compost bin, it’s easy to use, fast and there’s no tumbling or rotating required.

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HotBin Composting

Choose Your Compost Bin

Would you like a HOTBIN BASIC or HOTBIN EXTRA?

The HOTBIN is only available in one size (200 litres). However
there are two options when you purchase a HOTBIN.
For £165 you get the HOTBIN BASIC that comes
with a lid thermometer, a set of cam straps and
an empty kick start hot water bottle.
Choosing your HOTBIN
Or you can get
your hands on the


comes with 3
additional items to
help you get started.
Lid Thermometer
Internal thermometer
Accurately monitor the internal temperature by placing this thermometer in the top layer of waste.
Bulking Agent
25 Litres of Bulking Agent
Add a handful every time you add wet waste to create air spaces and keep the bacteria working efficiently.
Raking Stick
Use this to mix up the bacteria in the top layers of waste and to remove your compost.


HotBin Composting


HOTBIN Compost Bin (Extra)

HOTBIN Compost Bin (Extra)£185.00  (27)

HOTBIN Compost Bin (Basic)

HOTBIN Compost Bin (Basic)£165.00  (5)


HotBin Composting


The Compost Bin That Really Works

Kick-start your composting in 2014 by cranking up the heat to 60°c
(that’s 140 degrees Fahrenheit) with the HOTBIN Compost Bin.
The HOTBIN works by insulating your kitchen and garden waste to maintain the optimum temperature to allow the contents to break
down quickly and naturally.
It’s fast, efficient, easy to get started and keeps on working right through winter when all other methods go to sleep.
DIMENSIONS mm1150 x 625 x 550 (Wheelie Bin Size)
DIMENSIONS ft / inch3' 9"  x  2' 0"  x  1' 10" 
CAPACITY (INT)200 litres approx.
WHAT DOES IT EAT?Practically everything
WEIGHT8KG (when empty)
SPEED32x faster than cold composting


Compost 32 Times Faster


Compost More Waste


Compost All Year Round


Hot Composting up to 60 Degrees


No Odours



HotBin Composting


What's being said about the HOTBIN?

Don't just take our word for it, have a listen for yourself...

Impressive composting
Jim McColl | Beechgrove Garden 13/06/14
Tony Callaghan talks about HotBin
Tony Callaghan | Alexandra Palace 04/04/14

HOTBIN mentioned on Radio 4's Gardeners Question Time


HotBin Composting


How does composting work in the HOTBIN?

Simply: Feed it and HOTBIN will provide you with rich compost.

In a nutshell (yes you can compost those as well), the HOTBIN is an aerobic compost bin that gets HOT.

When we mean HOT, we are talking about temperatures between 40-60°c and it’s this high heat that gets bacteria breaking down waste into compost in just 30 – 90 days, not to mention killing off weed seeds and pathogens!

To reach these temperatures you need to feed the bacteria in the bin and provide them with oxygen. In the HOTBIN you can feed them with a wider variety of waste than traditional cold composting heaps and divert more waste from landfill in the process. Pretty good!


Simply add anything from cooked food to garden waste then add some bulking agent to the mix to keep the air flowing inside the bin. Once the bacteria are happily eating away, the heat in the HOTBIN will rise and the compost will follow.

All of this without an untidy compost heap, back breaking turning and stinky odours thanks to the bio-filter in the HOTBIN minimising them and reducing the attraction of vermin and flies to the bin.

In 30-90 days from when you are hot composting, depending on the type of compost you would like, simply remove the front hatch and harvest your high quality HOTBIN compost. Job done!



HotBin Composting

Never tried composting before? It’s easy.

HOTBIN is perfect for beginners and experts alike.

What to compost
You DON’T need to be a master composter or have any gardening experience to produce your own high quality compost.
HOTBIN looks the part and has been well designed to blend into any garden setting. Simply add any food or garden waste and HOTBIN will do the rest.
Whether you have a small postage stamp of a garden or a large allotment - HOTBIN is the speedy, all year round composting solution for you.
Any questions?
Explore our HOTBIN Help or contact one of our Composting Guru’s and they’ll be happy to help!


HotBin Composting

Hot Composting = Happy Customers

5 Star Compost Bin as rated by customers across the UK.

Day 3 using the HOTBIN, just checked the lid temperature and couldn't believe what I was seeing. It was showing 40°C after a chilly night. I quickly lifted the lid and could barely see the contents through the steam!
Got it going with plenty of veg peel and plant cuttings. I used the hot water bottle provided, 5 days later steam came out when I opened the lid!  So impressed, I wish I had gotten one sooner - Worth every penny!
Impressive composting
Catherine Part | 22nd October 2014
Worth every penny
Aleksandra Richardson | 2nd December 2013

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HotBin Composting


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HotBin Composting

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