HOTBIN Compost Bin

HOTBIN Compost Bin
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Our Price:  £185.00(Inc. 20% VAT)

  Dispatch:  3-8 working days
  Material:  Arpro® EPP (Expanded Polypropylene)
  Capacity:  Approx. 200 litres
  Weight:  8kg (empty)

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In the case of adverse weather conditions, our delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

The HOTBIN is no ordinary composting bin. It HOT composts all year to RECYCLE your food and garden waste into RICH compost fast. Expect compost every 90 days without forking, turning,tumbling, undue odour or flies.

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The HOTBIN is like no other compost bin on the market, it will quickly chomp through all your food and garden waste turning it into rich, organic compost your garden will love.

The innovative design and insulating nature of the material keeps the HOTBIN HOT, creating a natural environment which quickly digests the contents, making HOT composting easy.

HOTBIN reduces the amount of waste sent to landfill by composting more types of food waste. Be less selective by composting 100% of all food and garden waste without the traditional composting problems of odour, flies, turning and tumbling.

Idependently tested by Garden Organic, HOTBIN has thousands of satisfied customers and a stack load of reviews and case studies proving that HOTBIN really is a HOT composting bin that works.

Trust HOTBIN, the HOT composting bin that lets you put more in!

  HOTBIN composting benefits
  • Rich compost fast - 30 -90 days
  • More compost - Recycle all food and garden waste
  • Easy to set up and use - no back breaking turning or tumbling, undue odour, flies
  • Locate on any even surface - Sun or shade
  • Self-contained bin (has a bottom)
  • Better for the environment
  • Works ALL year round

Finding the Right Spot?

Locate HOTBIN on any flat surface, in sun or shade and achieve HOT composting throughout the year and rich compost in 30 - 90 days.

What do i need to add?

You will need a minimum quantity of 5 Kgs of waste per week to maintain hot composting. (5 Kgs is 10 litres, one large kitchen caddy the average for a UK household.)

Add in shredded paper or card to control moisture (a good way to get rid of your recycled paper) and bulking agent (partially composted woodchip) to provide aeration. More information here.

The HOTBIN (EXTRA) compost bin is assembled and ready to use.

It comes complete with:

  • Lid Thermometer to monitor temperature
  • Airtight lid  and bio-filter to reduce smells and associated attraction of vermin and flies
  • Aeration valve plate to moderate temperature
  • 50mm thick insulating walls to retain the heat
  • Aeration base plate to disperse air within the bin
  • Removable front hatch to extract new compost
  • Two green cam straps (to retain airtight door)
  • "How to" user guide
  • FREE Composting Support online and by freephone

The EXTRAS you receive:

  • 25 litre bag of Bulking Agent
  • Extra thermometer to track the HOTBIN's internal temperature
  • 'Kick Start Heater' (to keep HOTBIN working in winter)
  • Raking stick
  HOTBIN Compost Bin Dimensions

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Extra delivery charges apply for:

  • Republic and Northern Ireland £78/item, Scottish Highlands £10/item & Islands £33/item delivery charge
  • Isle of Man £40/item delivery charge

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Mining technique to get the compost out
Friday, 14 April 2017  | 

We've had our hot bin for nearly two years now and are still completely addicted. It is like having a pet. And I am thinking one is not enough...

I see someone has asked how to get the compost out without having to empty the bin. We regularly take the bottom layer out using an old coal mining technique so that we can reach the compost at the back of the bin. We divide the bottom into two vertical sections and take one section out right to the back of the bin. We replace the front cover and then let the uncomposted material drop down to fill the void (it may require to be pushed from above). Then we remove the front cover and take out the other section. We replace the front cover and let the uncomposted drop down to fill the void, again we may have to push it. Voila!

We are very impressed by how much compost we have been able to produce and how good our soil is as a result. We love it!

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Getting Started
Friday, 7 April 2017  | 

I got the Hotbin and added some birch twigs for aeration, broken up dried stalks for bulking and veg trimmings and the first cut of the lawn, which did not produce an awful lot, and gave it all a stir. I set the top vent as shown in the video. The temp went up to 30C on day 2 and then back to ambient, I added some more grass and green clippings, weeds as I reckoned the proportion was probably low, up to 30C again, then back. I decided to increase the N levels using 'recycled wine' and got the same again. Now as someone who has 4 X one cu M standard bins, 3 or 4 "daleks", a worm composter and a liquid comfrey unit this was getting embarrassing every time someone asked how it was doing.

By the third week I noticed that the vent was shut. On inquiry my wife said, "Oh yes, I shut that to keep the heat in".

I reset it further open than I felt the video had shown and 24 hrs later it was at a healthy 60C and has remained there for a week now.

Obviously I have not yet had any compost from it, but from past experience I expect the hot bin to produce good quality material.

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My new pet!
Sunday, 11 December 2016  | 

The hotbin is amazing! It does everything that the adverts and the reviews claim.
I took delivery in July and quickly got the bin working at 40 degrees by following the instructions exactly. It quickly became my new 'pet' having its temperature taken daily and fed every two or three days. ( he is called Herbert) like most pets he doesn't like been left when I go on holiday and requires a bit of extra attention when I return. I have used the starter bottle just twice. At the end of each month I have taken out a couple of trugs of mulch grade compost. Wonderful. Worth every penny.

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Wednesday, 30 November 2016  | 

I've only had my Hotbin for 30 days but I was a total convert within 24 hours! I started it off with a mixture of half rotted compost from my dalek and chopped garden waste and vegetable peelings etc. I closed the lid and resolved not to peek for 48 hours, however I've never been good at doing as I'm told, (I ignore 'wet paint' signs) so of course I checked the bin a day later and I was amazed to see the gauge was already showing 70 degrees!
After that I topped it up regularly as the level dropped. It's in total shade at this time of the year but even on a very frosty morning last week it was showing 110 degrees!
It has now cooled to 40 degrees but I think this is because I can't fit any more waste in, so maybe it's time to take the front off to see what's going on in there, even though it seems a bit soon.
If like me you're hesitating about spending so much on a bin, dither no more, you wont regret it!

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Blown away by hot composting
Monday, 28 November 2016  | 

I can honestly say I am obsessed and completely blown away by hot composting and your product. Its happily composting at 70°c (inside temp). It took me a few attempts to get the balance right and I did use the hot water bottle on Friday. I've just removed the water bottle and to my amazement the water was still as hot, if not hotter then when I put it in. The amount of energy its generates its amazing. I'm 51 years old and feel like a little kid.

I would love to find a way to harness and use that energy, but think a more clever mind is needed.

I have a garage full of mulched leaves, grass cuttings and all my neighbours have waste boxes for food scraps, yep they thinks I've gone a bit potty. But I don't mind. Great compost awaits and I have a large garden.

Thanks again. Haven't enjoyed a product so much in years!

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New to the compost game.
Wednesday, 9 November 2016  | 

Bin arrived very promptly after ordering. Superb after sales advice by phone. Excellent instructions sent with bin. A wealth of information available on Internet. A real talking point with friends and neighbours who have provided me with kitchen and garden waste. Wish I had bought one before. Eating more vegetables to ensure our new friend in the garden also gets its 5 a day!! The literature on line and phone advice if required makes this a number one product. Many thanks. A definite 5 stars.

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I've ordered 2 more!
Tuesday, 27 September 2016  | 

The green waste (bindweed, hedge trimmings, seeding weeds) we've hitherto taken to the recycling centre is now being sold on to a farm biogas plant, so local soil improver is no longer available. I’ve tried the commercial alternatives but these were rubbish by comparison with the municipal compost – too much undigested wood.
When I looked at the costs to us of producing greenery & taking the waste to the dump ( fertiliser& nutrients from the soil, time, effort , transport) and what we got out of it (tidy garden and a smug eco-feeling) , I realised that the recycling contractor and the farm were doing rather nicely out of us. (The gas is used to generate electricity, for farm use & feed-in to the Grid, also residue to maintain the fertility of their fields).
So I decided to try to deal with our garden waste on site and retain the benefits for the fertility of our own garden
I bought one Hotbin in July, to try it out - I am thrilled with the results. We had no problem getting it going & opened it for the first time yesterday, taking out about 80L of compost for mulching. This was, as the late Geoffrey Smith would have said, ` almost good enough to put in your sandwiches’.
As the garden produces a lot of plant material, I have now ordered 2 more bins and look forward to bidding farewell to some of the Daleks – although they may still be handy as holding areas. Our council collects food waste, which is good, but if I get the Hotbin to eat that as well, I shan’t have to clean out the caddies – yippee!

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Great product
Wednesday, 4 May 2016  | 

Prompted by a letter from the district council advising that they were charging for garden waste collection I decide to go ahead with the purchase I had been considering for some time. That was in Feb. this year. After 11 weeks I am pleased that I did. It took a little while to get started but is now charging away at around 60 degrees. I do have to keep an eye on it to make sure that the temperature is right but I guess that will reduce as I get used to it. The redundant brown wheely bin has become my dry storage for the bulking agent, which I feel is an essential ingredient. If you are a gardener who buys bags of compost to supliment poor soil, as we have done, once you get over the somewhat large price of purchase I feel confident that you will not regret it. As a matter of interest our village Allotment Association is very intrigued!

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raising the hotbin
Tuesday, 4 August 2015  | 

I have read some of the reviews, and one or two mention collecting the leachate from the bin. I have mounted mine on breeze blocks, leaving a gap at the front. I then put a tinfoil container(although anything would do) underneath the filter and just pour the liquid off into my watering can or similar every few days. I'm sure it could go into a plastic milk container for storage until required. seems to work fine for me. The only problem i've had has been removing the compost without the rest falling down. It means I can never get to the compost at the far back unless I completely empty it. ANY IDEAS OUT THERE?

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Well Worth Buying
Sunday, 24 May 2015  | 

I have only had the hot bin for 6 weeks now. I found it a little difficult to get it above 40 degrees for the first two week, I was doing everything that they advise to do but it was not working properly. I then bought some chicken pellets and put them strait into the bin within a couple of days it got upto temp and has stayed there. I've not opened it to check how it's doing yet but a family member has had the same bin for 6 months and it is working well. If your thinking about buying one then do it. It's well worth the money compared to a cold bin it works much better and faster. I also find that it doesn't smell like some cold bins. Hope this helps I am 100% happy and I'm sure you will be too. Reason for 4 stars rather than 5 is due to the problems at the start and having to buy a bag of chicken pellets.

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Persevere and you will get up to 40-60°c, ensure that when you are checking the HOTBIN's temperature that you use the internal thermometer as that will give you the most accurate reading.

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