Can I Retrofit a Tap to the Original HOTBIN?

11 October 2019  |  HOTBIN Composting

Can I Retrofit the New Tap to the Original HOTBIN?

The new liquid fertiliser collection system was developed after many customer requests for a cleaner and more efficient way of collecting the liquid from the HOTBIN.

Liquid Fertiliser Collection

The downside to this new system is that it unfortunately cannot be retrofitted to the original HOTBIN for a couple of reasons:

1. New Design

The base of the new HOTBIN 200l has been redesigned internally creating a slope that directs any liquid towards one corner where it can be drained off with the new collection system. The original HOTBIN does not have this internal design so the liquid builds up in the level base before leaving through the mesh plate at the front of the unit.

2. Avoid Damage

Retrofitting may cause damage to the HOTBIN which could result in heat loss from the unit and affect its operation. Any DIY alterations of the unit will also void the 3 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Can I Collect the Liquid Fertiliser With the Original HOTBIN?

Yes you can but they are DIY solutions.

  • Place a shallow container in front of the mesh plate at the bottom (in the middle) of the HOTBIN and push tight against the unit. Any liquid leaving the HOTBIN will drip into the tray – you can add a sponge which will absorb the drips but ensure that the hole is not blocked by the sponge and that you use gloves when squeezing out the liquid.
  • Place the HOTBIN on a slab and raise this up using some bricks. This allows you to place the container beneath the mesh area of the HOTBIN allowing the liquid to drip down into the tray below.

Using the Liquid Fertiliser

On average you should expect around an espresso cupful of leachate in a week. If you start experiencing a much higher quantity this could indicate that more moisture absorbing materials are required in the HOTBIN process (shredded paper/cardboard) and/or if the liquid is yellow or smells foul, that the contents have turned anaerobic.

Whichever way you decide to collect the liquid, look out for a nice dark brown liquid (free of foul odours) which can then be diluted and used as a lovely liquid feed on your garden.